A world born from the passion for textiles and from the wish to interpret home dimensions using a new vocabulary.

A world with its own aesthetics, forms and exclusive designs, consolidated experience remaining true to the Italian textile and craftsmanship traditions.

A world in which enthusiasm has always been the light that guides the creators of l’Opificio and has made them a point of reference in the international panorama.

The main feature of l’Opificio is its relationship with time and its evolution: founded in 1998, the family company has always been known for its style, its respect for Italian tradition and highest-quality products.









Sisters and founders Paola and Barbara Bertoldo are the business and creative souls of the project, taking the roots of their heritage to a contemporary aesthetics, challenging and exploring the boundaries of their textile history.

The process of creation at L’Opificio develops over time. From research, to design, to the selection of yarn and the colours for fabrics, up to the creation of new models and the painstaking craftsmanship of the final product, every step of the production process is controlled in minimum detail.

The outcome? Furnishing fabrics and velvets, cushions and quilts in constant stylistic evolution that totally transform their look according to the fabrics and velvets used to create them.

Unique creations with an exquisite design, beautifully hand-made and crafted by carefully selected tailors with the exclusive l’Opificio fabrics and velvets.


As proof of its commitment to excellences, L’Opificio is part of EXCLUSIVE BRANDS TORINO, a business network promoted by the Torino Industrial Union for the development and promotion of selected local luxury brands and products on the international markets. The brands in the network differentiate themselves from the competition for their strong international presence and selected clientele, high creativity, research and innovation that result in excellence in the products and services offered.

L’Opificio is today present in more than 40 countries worldwide, represented by a selected number of shops and retailers. From today, you can discover L’Opificio and its exclusive soft furnishing collection on


Barbara Bertoldo

Born and raised in Turin, she holds a degree from the historical Istituto d’Arte per il disegno di moda e costume in Turin.

Barbara started her career working with the product offices of major Italian and international fashion designers such as Valentino, Armani, Trussardi and Claude Montana. With the support of her sister Paola, she took up the challenge of creating her own company, where she can experiment freely her creativity and professionalism. With her passion for textiles and the history of clothing, always on the move mentally and physically, Barbara is continuously searching for new hints, ideas and sensations, which are then synthesised in the beautiful products presented by l’Opificio. Barbara, captures, anticipates and translates the fast changing taste of today’s world in her Textile and Soft Furnishing Collections.


Paola Bertoldo

Liker her sister, she was born and raised Turin, where she graduated with a degree in Economics and Business Administration. The publishing of her thesis and a training in marketing were quickly followed by six years in a leading company in the merchandising department.

Paola was always interested in interior decoration and gained her experience in the field by attending several antiques courses and studied fabrics for interior decoration. Her background in economics and business administration perfectly marries with Barbara’s experience in the fashion world, a powerful combination that allowed L’Opificio to develop into a well-recognized and highly-respected brand, not only in Torino but worldwide.

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