For many apartment dwellers, living in a small home and having to efficiently organize it and use up every bit of space as possible can be quite a challenge. However, small does not mean crowded and messy, as there are many genius space-saving ways to create a comfortable and functional living space using bespoke joinery. Below are 6 brilliant ideas to help you maximize your limited space.


Getting a stylish bespoke bed is ideal when working with finite amount of square footage. When it comes to storage in the bedroom, there’s never enough and having some multifunctional pieces of furniture is quite a logical solution. A bed designed to your taste, with multiple pull-out drawers fits not just more stuff, but fits stuff more comfortably. It is simply one of the smartest and easiest ways to add a whole area of storage while using less floor space.

Alternatively, you can build a custom-made sleeping platform, which offers more storage space. Create more room for cabinets by raising your mattress above the floor, providing tons of storage for books, shoes, pillows and makes for a unique look. Not only is this stylish and fun, but very practical and also works well if you care for a day bed by the window. If you have free wall space, bespoke shelves and cabinets are fantastic to frame your bed’s headboard. Building them around the head of the bed creates a cozy nook to fall into at bedtime and can turn a tiny retreat into something comfortable and elegant.



For open layout living spaces, a room partition makes for the perfect shelving unit. Take advantage of a workable floor to ceiling bookshelf to make use of dead area, and this can be used for storage, display, drawers and much more. There are countless ways to incorporate a functional bookshelf into your living space without crowding up an already compact room.

The left hand side image shows a creative and versatile way of incorporating a bespoke fashionable bookshelf and entertainment glass unit into one, acting as a partition altogether. While the right hand side image showcases a bespoke bookshelf on a track system that easily slides out into the living room when you want to access it, and perfectly slides back over the staircase when not in use. Both ideas save up on space by avoiding the use of stand-alone furniture pieces.



The dining table is perhaps the last thought when dealing with limited floor space. The idea of having to squeeze it in with rest of the furniture is unbearable. However, the latest innovations in furniture allows for a custom-made expandable dining table that is both functional and fun. It allows you to have more seating for your guests, whilst incorporating a concealed games table for after-dinner entertainment. Another fantastic thing about an extendable dining table is its use within a small inner city balcony where outdoor space is not a luxury. Easy to pull out during outdoor catering and fold back when not in use.



If space is not a luxury in your home, it’s pretty simple to point out a small lonely nook right into a tiny built-in bar you have been dreaming about. A corner or small space that’s hard to work with is better utilized by adding bespoke floating shelves and wall-mounted cabinets to display your wine and glassware collection, or simply house a chilled fridge for water and beverages. It makes for a great statement area.



Also known as pull-down or wall beds, these are great for studio apartments with very small rooms that rely mostly on doubled-up multitasking. Although a bespoke murphy bed that’s designed to your taste can be quite pricey, they are very versatile, as they can integrate different elements into one and work seamlessly with any home style. For example, you can incorporate a display unit, or have a drop-down desk to use as a workstation when the bed is not in use, taking advantage of every last nook and cranny.



Making use of every available space in the bathroom is essential when everything seems to be so compact and unorganized. Adding a custom made cabinet not only assists in creating a little extra storage, but also brings a visual appeal to a small and dull bathroom. Built-in cabinets under the sink, a mounted cabinet above the door, extended bathtub storage, fit-in closet storage all make a huge difference. The image on the right hand side shows over the top solution; bespoke cabinet and drawer ideal for medicine and products storage. This takes up little floor space while keeping clutter under control.




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Stewart Naish is Project Director at TC&D Construction. As a highly experienced and skilled property refurbishment professional, he shares his wealth of knowledge and insights into the world of interior design and fit out for both residential and commercial property renovations on his Twitter page. An avid fan of Arsenal FC and all things creative, he is happy to offer advice and feedback to anyone looking to share his passion for interior design and architectural beautification.

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