One of the most anticipated events of the London Spring is the world-famous Chelsea Flower Show, which just finished this year’s edition. With Chelsea in full bloom, we were inspired to write about gardens and all the different styles one can find when planning this very important space of a home. Here we take you through some of the most well-known garden styles and how you can achieve a very similar effect yourself.


The Italian garden, also called Formal garden, is characterized by the prevalence of the shape that is the strong presence of shaped plants contoured by geometric patterns of artificial origin. Key elements of this style are flower beds arranged in a symmetrical pattern, statues of divinity and mythological characters, pergolas and water features.

Very important are also the tree rows, used primarily to emphasize the main avenues of the garden. The intersection of the main avenues and some particular points could be highlighted by fountains or stone statues themed historical or mythological.

Take inspiration from the Italian outdoor style to organize the lawn of your home, without the pretense of making a historic villa, this is the idea to follow if you want to get a stylish garden and, at the same time, a place of entertainment and relaxation for you and your guests.


In a modern garden the use of turf ready to roll is usually preferred. There should be no flower beds full of colorful flowers and the predominant colour must be white, which adds brightness and a touch of lightness to the environment. In terms of decor, it’s appropriate to choose a coffee table and some essential chairs made of plastic or synthetic fiber materials. Even the lighting has an important role, the best lights are certainly solar lamps to put into the ground. You can also create a dining area with a gazebo with clean lines.

The most important thing for a comtemporary look is the space, or at least the impression of it. If you manage to create the illusion of a large area even when the garden is small you achieved your goal!


The Mediterranean garden is typical of areas with a warm and dry climate, where summers are long and often sultry and the rainfall slim.

Mediterranean plants are predominantly shrub or bushy, often evergreen, with small leaves, well-adaptable and resistant, and don’t require special care.

First at all, a Mediterranean garden should be friendly and create large areas of shade. Most fundamental is a fountain to be placed in the center of the garden, to power small water paths surrounded by plants. Another important thing is citrus plants, so you should defnitely dedicate an area to them.


The Japanese garden is usually designed as a place where you can find happiness and well-being and is absolutely minimalist, as it’s created by the few essentials you need to find simplicity.

The most important elements of Japanese gardens are plants and flowers: fern, grasses, mosses, shrubs and evergreen bonsai bring the perfect Zen garden to life. Water is also important, whether a stream or a little lake. Trees and especially rocks must be placed in a harmonious way because the garden should not seem artificial bust must be evocative, symbolic and contemplative.

Avoid the symmetry of objects, instead they should always be placed in an odd number and in the shape of a triangle.


The Provencal garden reminds of the typical relaxed atmosphere of Provence, a region located in the southeast of France famous for its lavender and wonderful scents emanating in the air. Bushes of lavander, olive trees and aromatic plants color and perfume the atmosphere, giving exciting scenarios for relaxation at 360 degrees. Key elements of this style are little stone walls that create the typical Provencal atmosphere, decorated with climbing plants and lavender bushes.

Olive trees, cypresses and aromatic plants will grow in total freedom, perfuming the air with their heady fragrances. Remember to add narrow paths along the vegetation to lead you to a secret corner of the garden, preferably in the shade of a big tree, giving you a chance to relax.

In a modern Provencal garden, a beautiful swimming pool surrounded by green vegetation has become almost a must.


Turning your garden into a tropical oasis is not a dream, you just need a few tricks to bring the beach to your home. Essential are a dining area and an outdoor relaxation area, fitted out with lighting and a decking with exotic design distorting the landscape appearance and atmosphere. Exotic plants and a large palm tree are key elements in your space and you can also add one or more hammocks.

A swimming pool will turn the entire space into a tropical dream garden, better if in a meandering shape and perhaps with the addition of natural stone on the edges or directly in the water.

Some straw umbrellas, flower beds of unusual and natural forms and, if you really don’t want to miss anything, an area covered with natural sand will create a fantastic resort directly in your home.

Explore our Outdoor Collection to find more inspiration for your garden. Beautiful outdoor lights, colourful al fresco dining collections, sleek furniture and all you need to turn your garden into your personal haven.

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