When we think of the brand Bugatti, it is natural to associate it with luxury racing cars, not kitchen and tableware. However, for over 90 years Casa Bugatti has been revolutionising the everyday ritual of home life, by designing and manufacturing highly innovative and sophisticated products for the table and kitchen, cutlery as well as stylish household appliances. Born as a family business with strong local roots, today Bugatti is a company whose products are sold throughout the world, constantly innovating its technique and transforming household products into an art to be enjoyed every day.

Bugatti was founded in 1923 in Lumezzane, a small town close to Brescia in Northern Italy, by brothers Giuseppe, Giovanni, Faustino, Giacinto and Amadio Bugatti, who initially called the company F.lli Bugatti. Starting off as a professional workshop for nickel-silver and silver-plated brass cutlery, it quickly acquired the first mechanical tools required to improve product features and streamline production, moving from handmade to machine-led manufacturing.

Casa Bugatti History on

Casa Bugatti History on







F.lli Bugatti was the first company in Italy to introduce the Polak pressure die-casting machine, which led to the creation of a revolutionary brass-silicon alloy, today known as Bugatti alloy, the first in a long series of technological innovations that have made Bugatti one of the major players on an international level.

In 1938 the second generation of Bugatti joined the group, giving life to Eredi F.lli Bugatti, which in 1947 became La San Marco, a new brand recognized throughout the country by their outstanding cutlery design. In 1971 La San Marco becomes ILCAR (Industria Lumezzanese Creazioni Articoli Regalo), and between 1993 and 1999 the group is expanded to include three affiliated companies working alongside ILCAR: Aignep (fittings and components for compressed air), Landa Illuminotecnica (outdoor lamps) and Picchi (machine tools). It is then that F.lli Bugatti is rebranded as Casa Bugatti. This organization still stands today, existing under the umbrella name of Bugatti Group, proof of the strong family bond and entrepreneurial spirit of the Bugatti family.

Casa Bugatti History on

Casa Bugatti History on







In 1960 Bugatti breaks into the American market, one of the first Italian companies to export the unique flare and style of Italian design. In 1999 the BUGATTI® trademark is registered to protect the company’s creations.

In 2005 Diva, the stylish coffee machine and the first of Bugatti’s small kitchen appliances, is born from the collaboration with designer Andreas Seegatz from Stars, a collaboration that continues till today and has given life to some of the most iconic of Bugatti’s products.

Diva Coffee Machine by Casa Bugatti on

Following up with the success of the kitchen appliances collection and in response to customer’s requests, the company in the early 2000 developed the exclusive collection Individual by Bugatti, a collection of luxury appliances and tableware created to satisfy the desire of those who want a product with special features that distinguish it and make it unique. Using diffrent precious materials such as Swarovski crystals, leather and gold, the products in the Individual range represent the pinnacle of high-quality and luxury, the synthesis of an all-Italian feeling.

Casa Bugatti Individual Luxury Collection on

From the beginning, Bugatti’s story tells of research and innovation, seeking new technologies and experimenting with different matrials an manufacturing techniques. One of the more recent of these is the PRO-TECH System, a special double-layer moulding technology used to create extremely long-lasting coloured, transparent or decorated handles. And as further proof to Bugatti’s commitment to innovation, Bugatti just launched Vento, a revolutionary and extremely versatile smart power blender, which will be soon followed by the highly technological food processor Noun.

Casa Bugatti Luxury Tableware Made in Italy on

Throughout time, Bugatti’s products have been distinguished by their unique style that perfectly blends high technology and prestigious materials with Italian taste and is inextricably linked with the territory and craft tradition of the surrounding area. Bugatti’s products are real treasures for the home that interpret people’s changing desires and enrich life’s everyday moments and environment, affecting the way we think about our kitchen and table. Innovative products designed with great care down to the last detail, each with the Bugatti spirit and a personality capable of narrating their story to those who use them everyday.

As the company itself says, ‘Bugatti revolutionises the ‘simple and habitual’ daily rite of experiencing the home, by transforming it into an art, a gift, an emotion to be discovered every day!’

Discover the style of Casa Bugatti on

Casa Bugatti Luxury Kitchen Appliances Collection on

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