Today, we are chatting with Marco Cremaschini, Export Manager at Casa Bugatti.

Q. Where is Casa Bugatti today?

Bugatti’s mission has always been to create and re-design products for the table and kitchen that are functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time through shapes that convey positive emotions. Because of this, Casa Bugatti’s natural positioning is at the high-end of the market, and represents the best of Italian table and kitchenware design.

Q. How do you choose designers to work with you? Do you have in-house designers too?

Most of our products produced until today have been designed by Virgilio Bugatti, who since the tender age of 12 has been working for the family business, leading him to develop a knowledge of the sector matched by only a few worldwide. His experience translates in the company’s ability to create and manufacture cutlery and accessories that are beautiful and practical at the same time.

For special projects, such as the collection of small kitchen appliances, Bugatti works with a few external designers who have grown together with the company. These designers normally work in different sectors, which allows them to draw from different ideas and influences, becoming more creative in the process.

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Q. What is the biggest market for your brand outside Italy?

France is undoubtedly the biggest market for Casa Bugatti outside Italy.

Q. What led you to develop your luxury line Individual by Bugatti?

Individual was born out of the need to satisfy our own ego. Owning a unique piece, made specifically for us, in the way we like it, was and still is an essentil element of the luxury market niche. Bugatti loves to produce feelings of positivity and fulfillment, and the Individual collection naturally responds to the company’s vocation and mission.


Q. How has your business changed with the evolution of e-commerce?

E-commenrce is an extremely important business tool representing the best way of shopping, as long as it’s conceived correctly. In this sense, e-commerce is not synonymous with saving, but efficiency. Being able to buy quickly and easily is the plus, having more time for our hobbies, friends and family, this is the real added value we need to associate with online shopping. The quest for the lowest price at all cost is not considered by Bugatti an added value of e-commerce. For this reason our online retailers are invited to use our BUGATTI OFFICIAL WEB DEALER logo on their sites, to make sure the brand value is maintained and products are properly presented.

Internet is gaining more and more importance. Buying decisions are not only taken quicker and more impulsively there, sometimes purchases are also made under more ‘anonymous’ circumstances. This is the reason why it is even more important to provide the end customer with security and reliability and to communicate in a credible way to the client that he/she is buying original Bugatti products from a trustworthy seller, that he is receiving “good value for money”, an excellent sales advisory service and a smothly working after sales service (for example in the case of guarantee cases or repair works of electric appliances).

Q. What are your best-selling products or the ones you are most recognized for?

Without any doubt, there are products that by nature, use and culture, are sold more in some countries than others. For example, Vera kettle, Volo toaster and Vita juicer are very popular in Anglo-Saxon countries, while Diva coffee machine and Uma scales are very popular in Italy.

In general, colourful cutlery are the products that are sold in more than 100 countries worldwide and together with our collection of uniquely designed kitchen appliances, are the products that most identify with our brand.


Q. If you had to choose one product from the catalogue, which one would it be and why?

Needless to say, my kitchen is fully kitted out with Bugatti products! However, my real object of desire today are two. Vento, the best power blender currently on the market and Noun, a new cooking technology that will soon be available. Both are unique design pieces, highly innovative, energy-efficient and highly performing, a real leap in the future!


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