Christmastime is fast approaching and evidence of this is all around us; Christmas music can be heard in stores, the aroma of pine trees is in the air, children are eagerly turning the pages of the newest Toys R Us catalog. For many people across the globe, Christmas is a time for family, friends, and a familiar sense of joy and wonder. As early as October, you can find Christmas decor already stocked on shelves with twinkling lights and giant red bows aplenty. Decorating is a cherished pastime for many and creating a traditional Christmas feel in your home can be effortless!


A long standing holiday tradition is the wreath. The word ‘wreath’ is derived from an English word meaning to twist, often in a circle. It was believed that in Ancient Rome, wreaths were hung on doors to represent a victory. In Christianity, the wreath was believed to represent life everlasting in the form of a never ending circle. Today, wreaths can still be seen adorn many homes, office buildings, and businesses and stands to be one of the many recognized symbols of Christmas.


Many families celebrate Christmas with a grand dinner complete with all the bells and whistles. For most, this is the one time of year they get to dust off that fancy china and silverware and show it off! Dining tables are decked with elaborate tablecloths, cloth napkins, crystal glassware, and stunning centerpieces. Elaborate food dishes are created with Christmas music playing throughout the home and family all around.

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To complete the Christmas feel one must not forget the floors. ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘Ho Ho Ho’ rugs can be seen outside front doors as well as around the Christmas tree itself. Very traditional “tree skirts” are sometimes handmade and handed down from generations. The skirt should be a deep red, green or gold in color to keep with the traditional theme. Some are very elaborate with beautiful beading and Christmas appliques.


The Christmas tree, the very symbol of Christmas itself. For a traditional Christmas in your home, red, green, and gold are the most timeless colors. Velvet bows and tinsel add a vintage presentation for a traditional Christmas. A great family tradition is stringing popcorn and using it as garland for the tree. Every Christmas tree needs a topper whether it be an angel, star, etc. This is another item that may hold a special custom of being handed down generations. A traditional tree must have lights of course! White lights are a classic and timeless addition to the tree.


Outdoors, indoors, across the lawn, lights lights lights! They evoke memories of driving around with family ogling neighbors Christmas lights and their blow up, waving Santa’s on their lawn. In some towns, Christmas lights have become a sort of sport; a contest of who has the best and brightest lit house on the block. Big, colorful bulbs are classic, nostalgic decor necessities. Long ago, the big bulbs were the only ones used outdoors. Most have since been updated and are not the older, glass bulbs but the replicas are a great substitution.


Image credit: HGTV
Image credit: HGTV

“Stocking all hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.” This excerpt is from a very well-known poem, Twas the Night Before Christmas. Stockings are the one feature that is reminiscent of the Christmas past; an age-old tradition of hanging stockings with each family member’s name on it above a hearth. Following tradition, stockings are stuffed with little items and opened on Christmas day!

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