Christmas is fast approaching and, like every year, the atmosphere is different, the city lights up with thousands of lights and our homes become warmer and more welcoming. However, when it comes to decorations, it’s always difficult to decorate a home and above all to set the perfect Christmas table without falling into an abundance of accessories that clash with one another.

To help you make your Christmas even more special, here at we decided to give you some useful advice for an original and elegant table that will leave your guests speechless.

alessi christmas

Of course, Christmas is synonymous with decorations, lights, wealth and it is perhaps the only occasion where it’s allowed to abound with garish.

The colours range from classic white, red, gold and silver to the unusual pink and black.

WHITE is perfect for Christmas decorations and matched with any other colour it will add a touch of flawless elegance to your home.

white christmas

RED is a must at Christmas, to be used either alone or combined with gold, silver, white or black. It transmits a feeling of warmth and happiness to you and your guests, a classic atmosphere that never tires.

red christmas

GOLD and SILVER will add brightness and preciousness to any environment. Silver is definitely a cooler colour and matched with white it becomes modern, chic and formal. Gold finds in black its perfect companion for chic decorations that are unique and original.

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BRONZE may be an interesting idea matched with black, creating a strong colour contrast. These finishes are perfect not only for traditional decorations for the Christmas tree, but also for centrepieces, bows, candles, vases and crowns.

bronze christmas

The novelty of 2015 is definitely PINK, preferably in pastel colour, ideal to match with romantic floral patterns for an end result that will not go unnoticed. From the Christmas tree to the packaging of gifts it adds an elegant and tender touch.

christmas pink

Finally, BLACK, elegant par excellence, to be matched with bright colours like white or gold for a glamorous touch that will surprise you and your guests.

christmas black

And now to the Christmas table itself. Whether it’s a business lunch or dinner, the table must be wisely and carefully decorated. This holiday is a symbol of family, warmth and especially food. The table becomes the focal point of the day, where family and friends gather and spend the majority of their time chatting and eating while festive music fills the air. As such, every detail needs to be taken care of.

First of all, the TABLECLOTH. This can be all white or with gold details or even red for an extra touch of warmth. The tablecloth is the starting point for the whole table setting and therefore you need to choose the colour and material carefully, as these will define the style for the whole table – minimalist, contemporary, traditional or classic. If you want to break the mould and opt for something more modern and original, we advise runners. A detail not to be underestimated is their measure, as they have to fall a few centimetres from both sides of the table.

christmas tablecloth

Turning to the choice of NAPKINS, you can choose from fine fabrics that give more volume or opt for thick paper towels in white with decorative gold or red solid. Better still if quilted. You can use napkin rings for an extra touch.

PLATES need to be strictly of valuable materials like porcelain, glass or crystal. It is precisely during this celebration that we can show off our set for special occasions, usually in total white or with bright details that give a great effect to the entire composition. Do not forget matching underplates and dessert or fruit plates.

Arabesque Piatto 18cm by IVV                   Bisanzio Oval Plate by IVV

CUTLERY is a detail to be reckoned with, as there is always so much choice. You can use the classic stainless steel or silver or focus on something more precious as gold, bronze and black. Place the knife and spoon to the right of the plate, the fork to the left with the napkin and possibly menu, and the dessert spoon and fork above the plate horizontally.

Aladdin Gold Burgundy     Michelangelo Vintage Gold By Mepra            Dolcevita Cutlery Vintage by Mepra

And of course you can’t just eat, you also need GLASSES for wine, water and the quintessential toast with Champagne.

Clizia Wine Glass by IVV          Arabesque bicchere Acqua by IVV        Clizia Flute by IVV

We cannot forget the CENTREPIECE, focal point of the table, which you can create using flowers, mistletoe, bows and candles, or you can opt for something more refined with crystal or gold accessories.

Il Giardino Segreto Centerpiece by IVV            Magnolia Centerpiece by IVV 2       Madagascar Centerpiece 57cm by IVV

For a classic table, we recommend a centrepiece with candles or flowers, a very fashionable way this year to give a more natural and genuine look in combination with pine cones, twigs, nuts and cinnamon sticks.

For a most chic and glamorous table, think of luxury, the brilliance and glamour of gold and white, add some custom placeholders or small gifts for your guests to take away with them as a souvenir.

And if your style is more rustic, wood will be the star and you can create a centrepiece with pieces of bark, dry leaves and moss to convey the relaxing atmosphere of a mountain chalet.


Our CHRISTMAS TABLE COLLECTION on features a selection of products that will make your table unique and elegant in this very special occasion. You can choose from different products and finishes, from the Champagne glasses to napkin rings, from gold to red. If you need more guidance, you can also email one of our experts by clicking here and we will be more than happy to assist you in creating an exclusively Made in Italy Christmas.

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