Our journey through the centuries to discover Italian art continues with a new chapter. We have now arrived at an era positive full of aesthetic beauty and a modern design concept.

The Art Nouveau, known in Italy as floral style or Liberty style, was an artistic movement in the decades between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The name Art Nouveau was born in France but it spread throughout Europe landing in Italy, its name deriving from the Liberty store in London designed by Arthur Liberty in the late nineteenth century. It was this style that gave way to modern design and architecture.

The starting point for the dissemination of this new art was the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1900, but the style reached its peak during the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative Art in Turin in 1902.



A key feature of the style of painting is the inspiration from nature, which studies the structural elements, translating them into dynamic and wavy. Simple shapes come to life and evolve in ways similar to plants or flowers.


One of the painters definitely worth mentioning is Amedeo Bocchi from Parma, whose work depicts a unique path between the importance of light in painting and the strength of family ties.

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In architecture, some of the characteristic elements of the Rococo are modernized, nature is the preferred source of inspiration, elements are stylized and natural elements like seaweed, grass and insects are added. The major architects of the time are Raimondo D’Aronco and Pietro Fenoglio

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Turin still preserves important examples of this era.

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Other Italian cities followed Turin like Palermo, Milan, Naples, Genoa and La Spezia.

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Organic shapes, curved lines, floral or plants ornaments are the main features of the Liberty craft. They get closer to the Eastern world, especially with the use of Japanese prints. The preferred materials for the artisans were certainly glass, wrought iron and cement. For the first time, this style came to define a new vision for what we now call industrial design.

The Milanese Carlo Bugatti is undoubtedly the main figure in Liberty interior design.

16          17


Interior design Liberty style is characterized by freedom of layout for the room (no strict rules), with large windows and fine lines that take unusual forms. It is a must to use pastel colours such as beige, pink, lilac and various shades of gray, together with classic colours, black and white. There are no straight lines and angles, soft curves are preferred to give an idea of natural space. The ceiling should attract attention and can be decorated with moldings or with stained glass floral pattern.

18          19          20

Furniture should be simple and functional, comfortable sofas, armchairs and tables with decorated legs, fabrics are padded and decorated with flowers and leaves.

21          22


Designer Frida Giannini has designed some Art Nouveau drawings for the Italian fashion house Gucci to complete the collection Womenswear Spring/Summer 2014.

23          25          24

These fantastic designs incorporate elegant stylized flowers and leaves with a background of black chiffon, V necklines and maxi silk dresses. The main colors are bright orange, purple, green and bronze. Accessories include sandals that are intertwined to the ankle and leather fringed handbags in red, cobalt blue and purple.

26          28          27

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